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The short answer is that not all patient advocacy businesses are created equal, and when your health is at stake, you deserve the best. We provide multifaceted, compassionate and empowering patient advocacy and health care navigation services to our clients.

In fact, Health Care Navigators, LLC is the only company that provides exclusive, comprehensive, and personalized patient advocacy services, with around-the-clock availability in the case of an emergency. Here is what each part of this statement means for you:

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Exclusive  We can provide you with a health care navigator who works exclusively for you if you wish. That means that your navigator will have NO other clients EXCEPT you. Ask the other companies out there if they can provide you with your very own advocate, someone who will never be distracted by commitments to other clients—for the simple reason that your advocate will have no other clients! Most companies do not provide this important benefit as an option.


We are a one-stop-shop for all of your patient advocacy needs

Comprehensive   We are a one-stop-shop for ALL of your advocacy needs. Many patient advocacy businesses offer niche services (perhaps focusing on emotional support at your hospital bedside, or logistical support to deal with medical billing errors) but very few provide EVERYTHING you will need from A to Z. We offer complete services, including but not limited to: health care navigation assistance, medical research, hospital bedside assistance, pain management assistance, medical billing support, information relating to holistic and integrative treatments, diseases prevention information, hospital follow-up care, emotional support, logistical or “red tape” support, and more. In short, your health care navigator will be your “go-to” person for ALL of your health care advocacy and navigation needs, for as long as necessary.


Our clients are diverse (old/young, black/white, male/female, etc.)

Personalized   We recognize that each of our clients is unique and we tailor our services accordingly. We will honor any reasonable request that you have, even if it is not officially on our “list of services.” We are here to help you to get healthy and stay healthy by making your journey back to good health as painless and stress-free as possible. Anything that aids in the achievement of that goal is part of our business.

Our patient advocates are available during crisis, disaster, & catastropheAround-the-clock availability in the case of an emergency  There may be occasions when you need your health care navigator to meet you at a time outside of normal business hours. For example, you might find yourself terribly sick in the middle of the night and need your healthcare navigator to meet you at the emergency room immediately. In the case of an emergency, your health care navigator will be available to you at any time, day or night.



Dalia was not only my advocate, but she was also a friend. Dalia would call me just to check to see how I was feeling. She would visit me at home and bring me chocolates and flowers. She also gave me some inspirational books, including one about how to survive breast cancer in style, which was extremely helpful when I lost my hair.

Rosa S., Gloucester, MA

Please contact us to hire your very own health care navigator, and start becoming the most successful patient that you can be.

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