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Our health care navigators are available for hourly consultations, short-term projects, or any other type of hiring arrangement that suits your unique needs.

You may hire a health care navigator on an hourly basis to help you with any of the following:a street sign showing “Change Way” and “Hope Avenue”

• a health care concern

• applying for Social Security Disability, Medicare, or other government benefits

• an insurance issue

• a hospital billing dispute

• locating a doctor or dentist

• understanding your diagnosis

• evaluating treatment options

• seeking a second opinion

• creating/instituting a wellness plan

• locating a nursing home for a loved one

• determining if you should hire a lawyer for a medical malpractice matter
  or for an employment matter

• any other request/problem/question you may have relating to patient advocacy
  or health care navigation

Because of Dalia’s passion she is now very interested in patient advocacy and telling patients that they have the right to know and a right to ask questions about their care.

Dr. Denise Korniewicz, Dean of College of Nursing, University of North Dakota

Please CONTACT US for pricing and payment options for the above consultation services.

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