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  I contacted Health Care Navigators because I needed help understanding my wife’s Medicare coverage. I wanted to make sure that I was not over-paying for her health insurance.
I was overwhelmed by all the conflicting information I was finding and I needed help sorting through it all to find the answers. Dalia was very knowledgeable—she explained the different Medicare options available to my wife and the cost for each option.

It turned out that I was, indeed, over-paying for my wife’s health insurance, as I had apparently purchased too much coverage—coverage that was not necessary—so, Dalia was able to save me money AND put my mind at rest. I was so pleased with her work that I later contacted Dalia again to help me to find suitable dental insurance for me and my wife.

I would highly recommend Health Care Navigators to anyone seeking assistance maneuvering through our complicated health care system.

Adnan O., Boston, MA


 I hired Health Care Navigators because while I had been undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, the hospital bills were piling up and I was receiving threatening calls from bill collectors. I was overwhelmed, disorganized and confused. But Dalia Al-Othman (my patient advocate) was so patient, easy to talk to, caring, and sympathetic. Dalia meticulously went through all of my bills and called the insurance company and healthcare facilities on my behalf. She helped me to figure out what bills were for what services, and explained in detail my benefits. She eased my fears. I was embarrassed that I had allowed the bills to pile up and that I had been unable to advocate on my own behalf. But in speaking with Dalia, she “allowed” me to feel my feelings without judging me, and she understood that during my illness my bills were the last thing on my mind, and that this is why she was here now—to help me.

A Box with hospital bills inside, next to a calculator But sorting out the bills was nothing compared to the task that Dalia helped me with next. I was terminated from my job because I had cancer; my employer told me that I had taken too much time off work. I called Dalia in tears and could barely speak. How could my employer do this to me at this time? Dalia immediately began researching the law and making phone calls. It turned out that my employers would be in violation of the law if they did not allow me to return to work, regardless of how much time had passed since I had left to start my chemotherapy treatment. Within a few weeks, and following numerous phone calls, letters and e-mails back and forth, my employers rescinded the termination and sent me a letter stating that my job would be waiting for me.

So Dalia not only helped me with my financial well-being, but she also helped me with my career and my future. And Dalia was not only my advocate, but she was also a friend. Dalia would call me just to check to see how I was feeling. She would visit me at home and bring me chocolates and flowers. She also gave me some inspirational books, including one about how to survive breast cancer in style, which was extremely helpful when I lost my hair.

I feel that everyone needs a patient advocate. If I had not had one, I would have lost my job, had my credit ruined, and not had someone to whom I could turn in my greatest time of need. Thank you, Dalia. I will be forever grateful to you and Health Care Navigators.

Rosa S., Gloucester, MA


 After years of struggling with repeated double-billing issues from a healthcare provider, I finally decided to look into patient advocacy. Not knowing where to start, I simply did an internet search and started contacting firms at the top of the list. Dalia responded to my phone call within the hour, unlike the other firms, which took several days, if they replied at all. After just a few minutes, it was apparent that Dalia is a pro and the perfect patient advocate. Dalia was exceedingly kind and understanding on the phone. I was rather upset about the issue I had been dealing with, but Dalia assured me that she not only empathized, but could also help me get the problems straightened out. Within days of receiving the details of my case, she had resolved the issue with the healthcare provider. Dalia and her team are clearly very competent and go the extra mile for their clients. It felt very empowering to have her on my side--in fact, my only critique is that I can't hire her for every aspect of my life!

Marlene S., Cambridge, MA

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